For 60 years now the Alexander Bernhardt Publishing Company has been responsible for the publication and dissemination of the work of Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, which he wrote in the 20s and 30s of the previous century under the name “Abd-ru-shin”.

After the end of the second world war in 1949, as a continuation of the organisations which the author himself had established during his ┬álifetime for the publication of his writings, the publishing house was reinstated at Abd-ru-shin’s former residence and working place on Vomperberg in Tyrol, initially under the name “Maria Bernhardt Publishing Company” and ┬álater renamed “Alexander Bernhardt Publishing Company”. Even till today, the publishing company has its headquarters on Vomperberg, Tyrol, and remains the responsibility of the Bernhardt family, which sees itself fully committed to the constant nurture and further development of this inheritance entrusted to it.

The main work “In the Light of Truth” - The Grail Message - by Abd-ru-shin, is available in many translations. The Alexander Bernhardt Publishing Company is active throughout the world in collaboration with distribution partners in many countries.

The Grail message is addressed to the individual human being, irrespective of race, nationality or creed. He alone bears responsibility for everything he thinks or does.

The Grail message does not bring a new religion but, cutting across all religious frontiers, it unswervingly leads the earnestly seeking reader out of all the chaos of the present day confusion.

This Internet site offers those interested, the possibility to gain information objectively on Abd-ru-shin’s work as well as on the thoughts mediated therein.